What The Hump!!!

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The Hump Day Project have been in the Sydney clubbing scene for quite some time now and are growing really fast in the dance culture, They’ve made some killer originals and can pretty much refix any thing that they want 🙂

As the sun sets over the city skyline two lone figures lurk in the shadows of twilight, preparing their assault on an unsuspecting club land recovering from the weekend and approaching the mid week.

From within the confines of their Surry Hills studio/hideout, dubbed “The Hump Cave”, the sounds of the new club revolution can be heard echoing over the rooftops, throughout the city and deep within the hearts of our two heroes.

Across the globe the Hump Day sound has not gone unnoticed with The Utah Saints dropping their remixes on Annie Nightingales BBC Radio 1 show and the Stanton Warriors, Malente and Tittsworth all becoming followers of the church that Hump built.
Locally their ghetto inspired party jams have been getting major support from the likes of Ajax, The Aston Shuffle, Kid Kenobi and the Trashbag DJs. Whilst The Potbelleez raved from the rooftops about the Humps’ reworking of their club anthem “Don’t Hold Back’ into a sweaty Baltimore bangin’ mess, the kids hit the dancefloor to jump and shout.

Our dashing duo are quickly becoming blogosphere darlings, with Humps tracks, edits and remixes popping up on Palms Out Sounds, Scattermish, DanceWithMyDaddy and Trashbags Kids. Just type “Hump Day” into Hypemachine and you’ll see.

The Hump Day Project, pulling their caps down and a little to the right since 2007.

Here are some oldies but goodies. Enjoy 🙂

Homework has never been so easy!

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Ok so the second reason why I haven’t been blogging is that we have just started running a new night down at 202 Broadway just near Sydney Uni.

This night is new but it looks like it could really be something special.

We have taken control of the top floor of 202 whilst downstiars has been taken over by a heavy base crew responsible for parties such as VOID, Drum and base BBQ and many more. The venue has Funkion One Sound on both levels and it pumps! we are gonna be playing a mix of all things good, Disco, Funk, then onto some party tunes but we might just get a bit tropical but can you really blame us cos tropical house is fucking rad

below i’ve put up some mixtapes from the guys that King & I are doing ‘Homework’ with these guys are young and fresh and they know their shit too, their like freshman college girls with the knowledge of Sophomore Cheerleaders if you catch my drift 🙂 so enjoy their sweet sounds and i promise that my mixtapes are coming too.


So i said that ‘Homework’ could be something really special and one of those reasons is the music however one of the other reasons it’s gonna be so special is the drink deals:

Happy Hour 8pm – 10pm
$3.5 local tap beers
$5 house spirits

Then all night we’ve got:
$5 coronas
$5 amstels
and we’ve also got $10 Sangria

So what ever the hell you used to do on Thursday is old news. Get down to 202 Broadway and party with us.

Music from 8pm every Thursday till late

The Chevy Bass Tech Mix

Jeremiah’s 202 Thursdays mix

Homewwoorrkk Mix” by Hubert

And old favourite of mine-

Bloc Party – Africanism

contact mohatmoplay@gmail.com if you wanna book a group or Uni Party and we’ll see if we can sort some extras out for you as well

Love Love Love


We Officially Suck …@ Blogging but for good Reason :)

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Howdy Folks!

So yet again I have neglected our little blog like a mother with a gambling problem but i’m back to try and make amends….. i hope you can forgive me internet please give me another chance.

So firstly its after midnight so i’m probably gonna go on a rant but when don’t i ? that’s right never.

i’m planning on putting up some short posts to explain my absence of late and i hope we don’t go on too many tangents i’m gonna give myself a 5 tangent allowance which is a workable number i think …. Dammit thats at least half… i feel like JD in scrubs when Dr. Cox gives him man cards and he keeps losing them

But ANYWAY here is where i’m gonna start.

I’ve been busy doing Dj stuff along with Alcohol stuff and Promo Stuff pretty much in that order as well And a few new projects have entered the fray.

The First of these is a new residency WOOP WOOP !! i’m excited about this because… well cos its fucking Rad! i’m playing weekly down at F.R.I.E.N.D/s @ Fringe Bar in Paddington Sydney, The Residency is a Co-Residency with my good friend Max Smart and we’ve already got big plans for a F.R.I.E.N.D/s mix tape which is on the way as well as general awesomeness that is sure to ensue over the next few months so stay tuned for the mix-tape and i’ll be keeping you informed about whats going on at Fringe each Week.

So This week is my 1st week as a resident and it’s got a great line-up to coincide with the Uni mid-Semester break so if your up for a boogie and a drink come down and check it out this Wednesday (7th of April) and come say hi to me 🙂

Below i’ve attached some links for you to check out so you know what we’re all about there are links from Cassian and Max

Cassian – signed to Bang Gang 12”s, has some of the funkiest tunes flying around the webesphere these days.

Remixing the likes of Flight Facilities (Crave You – new release) , Damn Arms, DCUP, Cassette Kids, Miami Horror …. and the list goes on. i thought it was best I give a link to his Sound Cloud so you could check out heaps of his shizen also i’ve put up his remix of Flight Facilities so you can see how amazing he is.

Cassain Sound Cloud

Flight Facilities – Crave You – Cassian Remix

Now we have Max Smart – This man is a self proclaimed Party Animal and he will soon have to photographic evidence to prove it (you’ll see what i mean when i post the photos 🙂 ) Max Smart is a lot of things; he is a behemoth, slightly insane, he has more energy than a 5yr old with ADHD, he mixes like a pro, he can dunk also he has a pool so ….. ladies ……. jump on that 🙂 In Djing he has two loves disco and party tunes. Check out his Sound Cloud to scope his shit and also check out the blog that he contributes to to hear his opinion about all things music.

Max Smarts Sound CLoud

Welcome to Groove City

Also here is an edit that i just poached off Max’s facebook it’s a little project he’s working on to get the ladies and the mommas and the papas on the Dance Floor so i’ll keep it up until he tells me off 🙂 i hope you enjoy

Grease – You’re the one that i want – Max Smart Bootleg

So Stay tuned i’ll be putting up some of my own mixtapes next and i’ll hopefully finish my new mixtape that i’ve been sitting on for a while now so stay tuned for to good stuff i’ll hook youz up!




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Hi my name’s King Lee 🙂


I’ll be accompanying Mr Belve.

but not yet! Ha!!

Ciao for now kids.

I Fuckin’ ‘Ate Pikies!

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O.k so this is the first (of many) posts for a section we like to call Say What?!. This is a section devoted to defining all those words and phrases that people make up and use in everyday conversation, some aren’t common but they are funny non the less. Each word or phrase will be accompanied by some tunes for your listening pleasure.

This Week we have one of my favourite’s of the moment:


urbandictionary.com defines a ‘Pikie’ as the following:

A Pikie is an inbred Irish gypsy. They can usually be found on caravan sites boning their cousins.
It is advisable not to walk your dog in a pikie infested area as they may steal it and try and sell it back to you at a price of around £5.
They also enjoy picking fights with people and will often use weapons.
A Pikie can be recognised by their crappy clothes, or that fact that their dog leads are made of bail twine.
Their language is also not very clear and it is easy to mishear a pikie.
That fucking pikie stole my dog.


Used colloquially Pikie can be used to describe objects and events as well as a type of inbred Irish Gypsy. For example: ‘That track is so Pikie’

Now i know what you might be thinking? how can a track be Pikie? does it con you into paying for it then when you get it home you realise it’s actually a piece of shit?

No thats called ‘Michael Bay‘ as in:

“Hey i rented this movie and its really…. really shit, it was just 2 hours of explosions”

“o.k. lets see here…. yep here’s your problem… its made by Michael Bay.”

“ow no… i must have not seen the fine print, dammit!”

“yer, i’m sorry no one ever sees the fine print”

“well can i get a refund?”


No what we are talking about is best described by a friend of mine called Soda Pop
It Happened a little bit like this:

Soda Pop: ‘Man check this song out it’s so pikie, man’ (just so you know he’s got an english accent so when your constructing the conversation in your mind just remember that :))

Mr. Belvedere: ‘Pikie what do you mean?’

Sp: ‘you know like Pikie, a gypsy… lives in a camper van’

B: ‘Yer i know, but why is this song ‘Pikie?’

Sp: ‘Cos pikies don’t do anything and they live out in the country so they have big parties take heaps and pills get really munted and listen to this type of music….. It’s Pikie music!

So as an example i’ve got a track that is a prime example of a ‘Pikie‘ track. Now although this is a Dub Step track, ‘Pikie‘ can be used to describe other music including Drum & Bass, Garage, Jungle, and i would say even Dutch House. In other words Pikie can be used to describe music under the broad genre of ‘Munta’ 🙂

Euro (traditional) – Pikie: this is the track that sparked the discussion.

Cockney Thug – Rusko

Aus (Mohamoplay) Pikie: My own definition of an Aus Pikie track, plus i just really like it.

Underground Sound – Seductive

Bonus Track: I found this when searching for cockney thug, fucking Rad Remix 🙂

Cockney Thug (Dj Primecuts Remix) – Rusko

Hiatus & Major Lazer

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So firstly im gonna start this post with a cliche comment of being sorry for not posting for ages because i was too busy because i was too busy living life ! o.k. so get off my back ….geez you guys just won’t drop it.

The Rant:

So i feel bad because this is like my little baby blog and if this was a real baby it would be dead by now, rotting somewhere under my house cos it got into the crawl space and i just plain forgot to look for it. But what i’m trying to say is that i’m back now and kingsley is coming to back me up too so youz should all watch out!

I guess i should start by finishing my Field Day post but i think its too far gone and Field Day was like sooooo last month. but i will summarise my second installment of my Field Day post by Saying Major Lazer kicks ass !!!

I had the pleasure of seeing Diplo play at the Metro a couple of days later and it was a mix of Diplo (the first and last half hours) plus an hour long Major Lazer Soundsystem set as well, they played a very similiar set to the Field Day set but coupled with the smaller more intimate venue plus sandwiched between some sensational diplo set mixing before and after the Set went OFF !!! like fucking off the chain…. there was no chain there we all forgot what a chain looked like it was so far from a chain.

So if you don’t know Major Lazer i’ll give you the low done.

Major Lazer is the all knowing all powerful alter ego of Diplo and Switch.

Between the two of them they have produced and remixed the likes of:

M.I.A (Diplo producted the album Piracy Fund Terrorism with M.I.A, it was pretty much a diplo style twist on M.I.A’s album Arular)
Kanye West
Spank Rock
Jacknife lee
The Futureheads
Fatboy Slim
Laidback Luke
Buraka Som Sistema
Rye Rye
John Legend
The Bingo Players
TV on the Radio

and thats just a few

It’s hard to define Major Lazer’s sound but i would say they are heavily influenced by Reggae, Dancehall, Kodura and Baile Funk however they put an electronic sound behind most of their tracks and above all their tracks are fun and they get people moving.

Now when Major Lazer came touring they toured under Major Lazer Sound System. What that meant was that only Diplo was touring however he did pick up two back up dancers and a Wicked Mc called Skerrit Bwoy (i’ll get to him later).

Now you may be asking why didn’t Switch tour as well? Well i have no concrete evidence and this is all hearsay but apparently Switch is a ragging alcoholic and by about mid day he can’t see his own hands. I want to stress that this is only what i’ve heard on the grapevine but if anyone saw Switch’s closing set at Field Day 09 you would agree that he couldnt mix for shit and he was completely wasted, he actually stopped the music at one stage because he fucked up a mix so many times he just gave up, faded out then pressed play on the new track …… GAY !!

Anyway enough bitching, all i’m saying is that i can see how that rumour may be true and i can also see why Major Lazer’s managers may have asked Switch to sit this tour out to ensure everything ran smoothly, plus Diplo is god and anything he plays, does, touches, eats, smells, looks at or wears is gospel coolness or as his myspace suggests: he is cooling than the other side of your pillow.

So Moving on as this post is dangerously close to rant territory.

Diplo and Major Lazer picked up Skerrit Bwoy instead which was awesome to watch. Skerrit Bwoy got famous for whats called Daggering. also apparently he LOVES sex which kind of explains why he dances the way he does 🙂

Daggering is a dance that pretty much involves pretending to fuck someone, usually that person is someone of the opposite sex however my mate Tommy and I proved the exception to the rule by flaunting our finest Daggering moves all over the Metro dance floor tag teaming each other and taking turns to ride bitch as it were 🙂

I’ve posted below some videos and track to show you what these guys are all about i hope you enjoy.


Diplo & Skerrit Bwoy at a store opening, a fine display of daggering on an unsuspecting lady from the crowd. check out the chain spin… awesome 🙂
also check out Diplo’s face when some dude cuts in an try’s to help him mix @ 4:18, not impressed 🙂

Here is the Hold the Line Music Video Clip pretty cool animation plus a rad song, cool 90’s action figure commercial in the middle so random.


Ps i want those action figures 🙂

This one is the Pon de Floor Music Video, it’s all about the daggering! check out the space ship and the dj one’s….. wow 🙂
unfortunately is kinda poor quality but its all i could find 😦


Three of my favourite Major Lazer tracks one is a remix and two are originals

When You Hear The Baseline – Major Lazer

Hold The Line – Major Lazer

Keep It Going Louder Ft Nina Sky – Major Lazer – Tommie Sunshine Remix

Here ends today’s rant,

In Diplo We Trust,


Lots of Love Jono

P.s. Stay Tuned for my new mixtape, Hope for Haiti Featuring Radioclit’s monopoly of the decks plus Jamaican Mi Crazy !! all coming very soon.

Field Day – Highlights Part 2

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Hey Every One, Happy New Year from the Mo’ Hat Mo’ Play Boys!!

We hope you had a great holiday period and are keen for a wicked summer!

So Who went to Field Day ????? As i sit here writing this post, with a completely empty brain from three days of drinking, partying and the rest 😉 all i can say is it was AWESOME, HA! 🙂

My Top 2 DJ’s in the world were playing on the day so my day was sorted from the get go but i thought i’d let you all know what i thought about the day cos either you value you opinion to some extent or you wouldn’t be reading this blog or your just here for tracks and your not gonna read this anyway so i can just scrawl down my scattered thoughts for my own amusement.


Best Sets

Dj Yoda

Who Likes to rock the party?! He likes to rock the party!

His eclectic mix of music styles coupled with flawless cutting, scratching and general turntablism got everyone dancing even the majority of general punters who don’t even care who they watch. To add to this wicked choice of tracks and mixing his set was build ridiculously well! flowing from hip hop, indie rock, and old school throwbacks into party breaks (all of his own edits) and a bit of cheeky baltimore beats into dub step , baile funk and a bit of reggae for good measure this guy blew my mind. He is a true professional, i’m jealous as all hell of him and He deserves every bit of kudos he gets……. can you tell i’m a fan 🙂

Here are some videos and tracks to try and demonstrate how wicked this dude is

In the second video he is playing one of his DVDJ Sets where he maniupulates all the media behind his as well as the tracks, he’s a pimp

Wheels – Dj Yoda 160 kbps

Dj Yoda Christmas Mini mix 2 – 320 kbps

Dj Yoda – Playing around mini mix – 128 kbps

Eva – Jean Jacques Perrey – DJ Yoda & Herve Bonus Beats Edit – 128 kbps

Also Check out His Fabric Live Cd, absolutely amazing, a must have for any music fan

Now i’ve run out of time but i will be telling you more very soon.


Mr Belvedere