We Officially Suck …@ Blogging but for good Reason :)

Howdy Folks!

So yet again I have neglected our little blog like a mother with a gambling problem but i’m back to try and make amends….. i hope you can forgive me internet please give me another chance.

So firstly its after midnight so i’m probably gonna go on a rant but when don’t i ? that’s right never.

i’m planning on putting up some short posts to explain my absence of late and i hope we don’t go on too many tangents i’m gonna give myself a 5 tangent allowance which is a workable number i think …. Dammit thats at least half… i feel like JD in scrubs when Dr. Cox gives him man cards and he keeps losing them

But ANYWAY here is where i’m gonna start.

I’ve been busy doing Dj stuff along with Alcohol stuff and Promo Stuff pretty much in that order as well And a few new projects have entered the fray.

The First of these is a new residency WOOP WOOP !! i’m excited about this because… well cos its fucking Rad! i’m playing weekly down at F.R.I.E.N.D/s @ Fringe Bar in Paddington Sydney, The Residency is a Co-Residency with my good friend Max Smart and we’ve already got big plans for a F.R.I.E.N.D/s mix tape which is on the way as well as general awesomeness that is sure to ensue over the next few months so stay tuned for the mix-tape and i’ll be keeping you informed about whats going on at Fringe each Week.

So This week is my 1st week as a resident and it’s got a great line-up to coincide with the Uni mid-Semester break so if your up for a boogie and a drink come down and check it out this Wednesday (7th of April) and come say hi to me πŸ™‚

Below i’ve attached some links for you to check out so you know what we’re all about there are links from Cassian and Max

Cassian – signed to Bang Gang 12”s, has some of the funkiest tunes flying around the webesphere these days.

Remixing the likes of Flight Facilities (Crave You – new release) , Damn Arms, DCUP, Cassette Kids, Miami Horror …. and the list goes on. i thought it was best I give a link to his Sound Cloud so you could check out heaps of his shizen also i’ve put up his remix of Flight Facilities so you can see how amazing he is.

Cassain Sound Cloud

Flight Facilities – Crave You – Cassian Remix

Now we have Max Smart – This man is a self proclaimed Party Animal and he will soon have to photographic evidence to prove it (you’ll see what i mean when i post the photos πŸ™‚ ) Max Smart is a lot of things; he is a behemoth, slightly insane, he has more energy than a 5yr old with ADHD, he mixes like a pro, he can dunk also he has a pool so ….. ladies ……. jump on that πŸ™‚ In Djing he has two loves disco and party tunes. Check out his Sound Cloud to scope his shit and also check out the blog that he contributes to to hear his opinion about all things music.

Max Smarts Sound CLoud

Welcome to Groove City

Also here is an edit that i just poached off Max’s facebook it’s a little project he’s working on to get the ladies and the mommas and the papas on the Dance Floor so i’ll keep it up until he tells me off πŸ™‚ i hope you enjoy

Grease – You’re the one that i want – Max Smart Bootleg

So Stay tuned i’ll be putting up some of my own mixtapes next and i’ll hopefully finish my new mixtape that i’ve been sitting on for a while now so stay tuned for to good stuff i’ll hook youz up!




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