What The Hump!!!

The Hump Day Project have been in the Sydney clubbing scene for quite some time now and are growing really fast in the dance culture, They’ve made some killer originals and can pretty much refix any thing that they want πŸ™‚

As the sun sets over the city skyline two lone figures lurk in the shadows of twilight, preparing their assault on an unsuspecting club land recovering from the weekend and approaching the mid week.

From within the confines of their Surry Hills studio/hideout, dubbed “The Hump Cave”, the sounds of the new club revolution can be heard echoing over the rooftops, throughout the city and deep within the hearts of our two heroes.

Across the globe the Hump Day sound has not gone unnoticed with The Utah Saints dropping their remixes on Annie Nightingales BBC Radio 1 show and the Stanton Warriors, Malente and Tittsworth all becoming followers of the church that Hump built.
Locally their ghetto inspired party jams have been getting major support from the likes of Ajax, The Aston Shuffle, Kid Kenobi and the Trashbag DJs. Whilst The Potbelleez raved from the rooftops about the Humps’ reworking of their club anthem “Don’t Hold Back’ into a sweaty Baltimore bangin’ mess, the kids hit the dancefloor to jump and shout.

Our dashing duo are quickly becoming blogosphere darlings, with Humps tracks, edits and remixes popping up on Palms Out Sounds, Scattermish, DanceWithMyDaddy and Trashbags Kids. Just type “Hump Day” into Hypemachine and you’ll see.

The Hump Day Project, pulling their caps down and a little to the right since 2007.

Here are some oldies but goodies. Enjoy πŸ™‚

~ by mohatmoplay on April 21, 2010.

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