Kraak & Smaak My Bitch UP!

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Have you heard of Kraak & Smaak?….

No i didn’t ask if you’d done them, i asked if you’d heard of them? Well the answer is that you’ve probably heard them but you didn’t know who it was.

So i’ll tell you ……

Kraak & Smaak are the greatest thing to come out of Holland since Heineken, Vincent Van Gogh and the invention of the backpacker and are considered a “Must See Live Band” by International Dj Magazine, they’ve supported the likes of Faithless and they’ve played at the music festival goers mecca….Cochella! to name just a very small amount of their achievements.

Although Kraak & Smaak originally started out as a studio project for the founding members Oscar De Jong, Mark Kneppers & Wim Plug when K&S play live they are joined by an MC, Vocalist, Drummer and a Bass Guitarist….with such a formidable collection of performers on stage some would call them the Oceans 7, a modern day Dutch Rat Pack.

Their funky baselines coupled with some sexy sultry lyrics resonate in your cranial cavity and make you want to become an art dealer and buy a loft apartment in New York….. Or say something like…. “yer thats pretty cool”

Check out some of my favourite Kraak & Smaak tracks that i’ve compiled below, i decided to put some of the music videos on here as well because they’re really wicked,

Can these crazy dutch bastards do nothing wrong !!


_______________________Kraak & Smaak – Money in the Bank______________________

I really like the message behind this track, however i wish more of my dates went like that 🙂 and that guy is probably someone’s dad…. ewww

__________________________Kraak & Smaak – Squeeze Me_________________________

Really clever MV concept, it builds quite nicely saving the best visual tricks to near the end. my favourite parts are the TV and the Type writer… well played sir.

& here are some tracks for youz kids

Kraak & Smaak – Squeeze Me – (Trent Loveys Skeezer Pleezer Mix)

Kraak & Smaak – Ain’t Gonna Take It No More – (Fort Knox Five’s Red Light Re-mint)

Smoove & Turrell – You Don’t Know – This track isn’t K&S but it’s the same sound so if you like the rest of these tracks then check out Smoove & Turrell as well

Check Out Kraak & Smaak on Beatport

and their latest album ‘Plastic People’ is out now on Jalapeno Records

Lots of Love,


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…..In The Blue Corner!!

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Hello, Hello!

My Name is Mr. Belvedere,

I’m half of Mo’ Hat Mo’ Play and i am delighted to welcome you to our humble abode! Our mission for this blog is to have a place where we can post up what ever the hell we want.

Whether it be about music, cinema, fashion, art&culture, funny shit or just plain trash talk, this is where we’re gonna dump all our brian vomit that we need to get out of our systems before we explode or melt…..

I personally find melting to be a worst way to die as it would be much slower and you would watch yourself turn to goo rather than having a tummy ache and then BAM!

But anyway if you want to know what I’m about here is some shit I’m into and stuff I’m gonna be posting about. Like everyone in Sydney, I’m a Dj but I’m actually alright and I’m not in it cos i wanna be cool but I’m in it cos ever since I heard Fatboy Slims ‘you’ve come a long way baby’ I’ve wanted to be a dj and every time I watch a Proper Dj at work I wet myself…. which can be quite embarrassing 🙂

I love mash ups and good remixes of old school tracks (i want to stress ‘Good’ cos there is a sea of shit out there people!

I have a slight obsession with Street Art and Music Video, some of my favourites being Banksy, Obey, Faile, Ben Frost and the wonderful people at Worlds End Studio,

Michel Gondry , Spike Jonze,

and too an extent Chris Cunningham (but i think he’s fucked in the head),

also So Me – the Creative genius behind Kanye West MV Good Life (holy Shit Balls People!)

If you wanna know more about me i guess you’ll just have to check out our blog more often now won’t you 🙂

So here are some tracks i really love at the moment, some are new, some are old, some are borrowed and one of them has the word blue in it, i hope you like them too , then maybe we can have a party together……

Welcome to my tangent ridden train of thought 🙂

I’ve put the in order from chilled to heavy for your listening pleasure 🙂

Enjoy the tracks!

Hello Brooklyn (Ft. Lil Wayne) – Jay Z & Marvin Gaye

#1 – Playgroup

Feel My Flow – Naughty By Nature

Doin’ time – Sublime – Remixed by Marshall Arts ft the Pharcyde

Hot Schoolyard – Snoop Dogg Vs Jurassic 5 – (Fox Mash) – Hot Track

Lying Peacefully – Pepe Deluxe – Kidda Remix

Out of My System – Jamie Lidell – (The Remix)

99 Hearts – Architecture in Helsinki vs Jay Z – (Sham Sham Mash up)

Move – CSS – Metronomy Remix

Black & Blue – Miike Snow

Lisztomenia – Phoenix – (Alex Metric Remix)

Long Distance Love – Gossip – Riva Starr Remix

Right Hand Hi – Kid Sister – Riton Vocal Rub

Digital Love – Daft Punk – Algeronics Remix – get your wobble on people ! 🙂

Warp Fu – 2manyDjs vs B/Beatroots – o.k so i know this song sucks balls but check the mash up it almost makes it credible again “where is your teenager is at 5 o’clock in the Morning? ….. some say they are looking for Drugs, Dirty Dancing And Pounding Techno Music….. woop woop 🙂